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(Yahoo!) - Deadmau5 showed up on the Grammys red carpet Sunday night hand in hand with fiancée Kat Von D, and the stars made a slight wardrobe edit -apparently to adhere to CBS' standards and practices department memo sent earlier in the week.

It appeared Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, censored his own wardrobe in stay within those guidelines. Joel's hat originally read "Your S*** Bums Me Out" when he arrived at the Grammys. However, he had the 'S' covered with tape within minutes, obscuring the expletive so it read "Your Hit Bums Me Out." "Fashion Police" host Giuliana Rancic noted the tape and praised Deadmau5 for staying within those guidelines.

"It was kind of forced," Deadmau5 admitted. "By me," Von D added.

Besides keeping him in line on the red carpet, Von D can also take credit for keeping Deadmau5 in line on the road. Von D recently tweeted a picture showing off the birthday present she gave Joel.

"He just got his license. He never had one," Von D explained. When Rancic asked why it took so long for the Canadian DJ to get his license, he responded, "I had to find the right woman." In support of the musician getting his license, Kat generously gifted him a $100K Porsche 911 for his birthday.

Despite keeping a conservative look on the red carpet, with Von D donning a long sleeved, knee-length red dress, the tattooed pair are in the process of adding more to their body art collections. Deadmau5 explained that Von D is in the process of tattooing a portrait of his cat Professor Meowingtons on his arm.

As for the after-parties, Von D, who has been sober since 2008, told Rancic they were excited to hit up a museum after the ceremony. This morning she tweeted they would be visiting the Carvaggio exhibit at the Getty Museum in lieu of the standard post-Grammy soirees.


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