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(Yahoo!) - Leave it to Kanye West to turn an embarrassing moment into a massive onstage tirade. The rap star, who performed at a surprise show at New York's Roseland Ballroom Wednesday night for an Adult Swim Upfront party, took the opportunity to lambast paparazzi and tell the world that he "ain't no motherf---ing celebrity."

During his hour-plus set, West went on a rant for more than three minutes, declaring himself the "worst kinda celebrity" and saying he was fed up with people running up to him with cameras, asking him "dumbass questions, throwing me off my focus and sh-t."

It's likely that a recent incident in which West walked head first into a "Wrong Way" sign when paparazzi were following him and his lady love, Kim Kardashian, in Los Angeles, sparked the tirade.

"I'm a terrible, terrible, terrible celebrity. One thing about me. I’m the worst kinda, worst kinda, worst kinda celebrity…because all I do is make real music," he noted as part of an expletive-filled rant culminating with his declaration that he's "no motherf---ing celebrity."

He then told the crowd that he had no intention of making light of his situation in an attempt to "humanize" himself during his upcoming appearance on "Saturday Night Live" May 18.

“It's so funny, somebody asked me when you do 'SNL' are you gonna do a skit about paparazzi and like humanize yourself. I ain't gonna apologize," he said, again peppering his speech with expletives. "I ain't humanizing myself. It ain’t about me humanizing myself. At what point did I become unhuman?"


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