bikers shuffle-big mucci

body talk - eddie kendricks

searching - roy ayers

lift - quadron

so in love - jill scott f./anthonty hamilton

marathon man - K'Jon

the jones - the tempations

find your way back in my life - kem

addicted - slique

good old fashion loving - the gap band

missing you (remix) - case

steppin out -hdp f./devin b. thompson

there's no one lke you - spinners

jam tonight -freddie jackson

you bring me up - k-ci & jojo

step in the name of love - r. kelly

can i touch you there -michael bolton

you sure like to ball - l.j. reynolds

good times - the jacksons

you are the one - the whispers

closer to heaven - phil perry

look at me i'm in love - the moments

children of the night - the stylistics

initmate friends -eddie kendricks

teach me - blue magic

payback is a dog - the stylistics

pop.pop.pop.pop goes my mind -levert

love is just a touch away - freddie jackson

heavenly -webster lewis