Chicago Public Schools chief Barbara Byrd-Bennett has decided to put her foot down and hand out the harshest of penalties to administrators who do not want to give the annual state achievement text next week. 

The letter, that was sent out to principals, claims that teachers could be fired and have their state education certification taken away if they refuse to administer this exam. 

Byrd-Bennett claims that this test is not meaningless and aligns with Common Core Standards and is able to tell how well is student is doing up to that point in their life educationally.

Many teachers disagree like the ones from Mario Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy whom unanimously voted to boycott the exam. The teachers understand the consequences that come with their decision and are ready to fight it. 

Chicago Teachers Union Vice President, Jesse Sharkey, called the threats from CPS, "really absurd and harmful." Sharkey also stated that his lawyers are currently looking into seeing what can be done to prevent the consequences that were mentioned if teachers do not administer the ISAT exam.

Source: Chicago Sun Times