The Reverend Al Sharpton admitted this past Tuesday to helping the FBI investigate and prosecute New York Mafia figures during the 1980s.

According Sharpton, he made secret recordings that led to bring down a high level mob boss but, as he stated at a news conference, does not consider himself to be a confidential informant. Whether or not Sharpton likes the title, he was identified in one court record as “CI-7” (meaning, confidential informant number 7).

Sharpton intends to clear his name after the website made public his connection to the NYPD as an informant. Sharpton claims he went to federal authorities after low-level mobsters warned him that him and others would be harmed if he continued to compete for a stake in the music business. However for Sharpton, this account is not news: “We were threatened, and that’s not a new story. It’s in my book.”

Source: New York Times