Lawyers for the imprisoned Illinois ex-Governor Rob Blagojevich scored a small victory this past Tuesday when an Appellate Court said it would allow transcripts of tape recordings that were previously barred from use in Blago’s previous two trials.

While the transcripts have been allowed to be admitted as evidence, the judge did decide to keep the transcripts sealed from the public. Apparently, the transcripts were not admitted by the previous judges on the basis that no new evidence can be presented in court after a trial has begun. What Blago’s attorneys are arguing is that the transcripts had already been included previously and were erroneously removed.

U.S. attorneys filed the motion to keep the transcripts sealed in order to protect the privacy of some of the people recorded. Three Appellate judges will review whether or not the exclusion of these transcripts was wrong. If so, the transcripts will be unsealed and available to the public.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times