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Former congressman Mel Reynolds has got himself into trouble with the law again. This time, however, Reynolds can be considered an international criminal.

The 62-year-old Reynolds was arrested this past Monday in Zimbabwe, Africa for possession of pornographic materials and violation of immigration laws, according to Zimbabwean immigration official Ario Mabika. Reynolds, a Harvard graduate and Rhodes Scholar, was jailed in 1995 after being convicted of having sexual relations with an underage campaign worker. In 2001, former President Bill Clinton reduced Reynolds’ sentence to time-served and he was released.

After failing to get his political career back on track, Reynolds became a successful businessman in Africa attracting massive investment for a $145 million Hilton hotel and office complex in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare. Reynolds has also been involved in trying to persuade the U.S. to lift their sanctions on Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe.

For these latest charges, Reynolds faces up to two years imprisonment and deportation as it is illegal in Zimbabwe so be in possession of anything “of a sexual nature.”


Source: Reuters