The slogan is simple: "Hire smart. Hire vets." However, the mission is anything but simple. Veterans returning from service of our country are in particular need of quality employment as the various skills developed in military service are leadership, commitment and teamwork.

It is therefore the aim of Clear Channel and iHeartRADIO to help sustain our veterans in all the ways they have helped sustain our country. Show your support for our military veterans by visiting and pledging your commitment as either a veteran, a business owner, or a supporter of the Show Your Stripes Campaign.

Go to today to:

1. Connect veterans with employers and help local businesses find candidates with the best training.

2, Post a job with for a nominal fee (that will donate a portion to a vet employment training group).

3. Vets can grab a free access to over 70,000 military-friendly jobs via and

4. Local businesses and local veterans can share their success stories.

5. If you arent't a vet or a business you can help U.S. veterans by showing your stripes and supporting businesses that hire veterans. Join the movement and make a statement to U.S. businesses that you support hiring vets. 

Did you know that the U.S military spends over 2 billion dollars a year on specialized skill training. Money spent to ensure our military is the best trained in the world. Millions of vets are returning home and many need jobs. If these men and women can serve our country, they are trained to do anything!

Support our troops by going to