The days of running full-sprint to your car to add more parking time only to find an orange greeting card on your windshield are about to be over.

Smartphone application vendor Passport Parking Inc. will be releasing an app called "ParkChicago"- allowing drivers to park and pay remotely using the app as well as add time without having to return to a pay station. The pilot program began Yesterday, April 15th, and will last two to three weeks in the West Loop from Madison to Monroe and Halsted to Racine- that's 279 meter spots.

Drivers will be charged a 35-cent convenience fee for parking times under two hours, which will go to pay for credit card transaction fees and application operating costs. According to Chicago Parking Meters spokesman Scott Burnham, other cities like San Francisco and Madison, Wisconsin charge a 45-cent fee on all transactions.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times