A registered FBI informant was caught on tape over the weekend shooting a man that he embraced just seconds before.

Eugene Andrews, 37, was caught on tape walking up to Darren Ray, 42, and giving him a hug on the 2900 block of West Flournoy, according to Andrews’ FBI handler Glen Runk. After the brief embrace, Andrews can be seen on video walking back to his car with Ray following. Shortly thereafter, Andrews reappears from the car, pulled a handgun from his waistband, and shot Ray two times.

According to state prosecutors, the victim can be seen on video holding his hands in the air before being shot. Andrews was arrested three hours after the shooting only about half a mile from the crime scene. According to police, Andrews was arrested in the same car with “distinctive black rims” that he was driving prior to the murder. Andrews is being held without bond at Cook County jail and, because of his status as an FBI informant, is currently in protective custody.

This story is just one of many this past weekend in Chicago as shootings left eight people dead and 37 wounded throughout the city. In an effort to combat gun violence, the city of Chicago and the CPD will work in conjunction with federal agents to begin enforcing federal weapons laws and sanctions.


Source: Chicago Sun-Times