Someone has emerged from the woodwork to challenge incumbent mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Next year’s re-election campaign will likely be opposed by 77-year-old former Chicago alderman and Cook County tax review commissioner Robert Shaw. Shaw and his twin brother are best known for their long-standing political rivalry with the Jackson family that has spanned decades. This past Thursday Shaw launched his mayoral campaign by condemning Mayor Emmanuel for the closing of dozens of Chicago public schools as well as cutting retirement benefits to city workers.

During a news conference in Bronzeville, Shaw had this to say about the conduct of the Mayor: “you’ve got to be fair, and to get up and come out to a school and shake kids’ hands, that won’t get it. That won’t cut it…I think he took (the African-American vote) for granted the last time, and African-American people elected him. And it has not been reciprocal as far as he’s concerned.”

Source: Chicago Tribune