Federal officials investigating the CTA Blue Line crash at O’Hare early Monday morning are currently focusing on the physical condition of the train operator at the time of the crash.

Early reports indicated that the crash might have been caused by fatigue on the part of the train operator, and, according to national statistics, they might not be too far from the truth. The Federal Railroad Administration has estimated that “human factors” are responsible for nearly 40 percent of train crashes, with a quarter of the 40 percent due to operator fatigue.

Another issue is concerning the emergency braking system that, according to lead investigator Ted Turpin, was engaged as the train reached the O’Hare station. What is even stranger is that the train was not going over the necessary speed limit of about 25 mph. At this time, there are still more questions than answers as to why the emergency braking system did not work.

There is no time-table for when Blue Line service to the airport will resume but officials indicate that shuttle buses will continue to run between the Rosemont and O’Hare stations during the course of the investigation.

Source: RedEye