Mere months after being acquitted of murder, George Zimmerman is once again facing jail time. 

Zimmerman was involved in a domestic dispute with his wife and father-in-law Monday. Either Zimmerman or his wife, Shellie, could face domestic battery charges, according to the Lake Mary, Florida police department. 

"This is definitely not over," police spokesman Zach Hudson told the Los Angeles Times Tuesday. "Essentially, we are determining whether we charge on domestic battery." The charges carries a maximum one-year jail sentence.

The original report claimed that Zimmerman threatened Shellie with a gun and punched her father in the face, but the story has now changed, as police found no evidence of a firearm on Zimmerman's person and "as of right now, a gun is not part of the equation," Hudson said. No witnesses reported seeing a firearm.

Shellie Zimmerman was convicted of perjury last month when she lied about the couple's finances during George's bail hearing.

Though Zimmerman was let go Monday after being detained for questioning, Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell told Florida reporters that police would continue to investigate the case.

SOURCE: Chicago Tribune