1. Opening act  Spaniels

I love the Spaniels, they are THE best doo wop group of all time. You cannot have a concert without the sounds of the Spaniels.  If you can't have the Spaniels you might as well not believe in Santa Claus

2. Next Up Walter Jackson

One of the most sensual crooners of all time. As a paraplegic he couldn’t dance but my god the man could sing. Nothing held him back.  He will sing his heart out on stage and drive the audience wild.

3. Next Up Aretha Franklin

The queen of soul, at her peak she thrilled people. When she sang respect the people went crazy and she did it all without going to Motown.  She will take command of the show and take the audience to new heights.

4. Next Up The Temptation

The sharpest dressing act on the block, each member had their own style and each member was capable of singing lead.  Not many groups have that depth of talent.  They were friendly and always available for interviews and Eddie is a true friend of mine.

5. Headlining act: The Beatles

I never knew them, but they have been cited as the most influential musical act of all time and I have never seen them in concert.  My dream concert would absolutely have them close the show.

Who would your dream concert include?