puppy stairsAnd now for your daily squeeWill you please watch this video of a dog teaching a puppy to walk down the stairs? Because we can all use a little bit of this. It's so sweet and inspiring. And you know what else -- I think this video shows almost everything there is to say about parenting.

We start out with little Daisy at the top of the stairs, whining because she doesn't dare make her way down. Too steep! Along comes Simon to show Daisy how it's done. And he's incredibly patient and persistent.

I don't know if Simon is Daisy's father. The owner of the video doesn't say. But this just reminds me of dads teaching their kids to ride a bike. I love how Simon keeps coming back and doesn't give up until he sees Daisy make it down the stairs finally.

There's that false start, where Daisy makes it down one step but then panics. She almost gives up! But Simon won't let her. OMG, that is LIFE, right?!? I mean, haven't we all had someone in our lives who just made us try something we thought was so scary? And they said, "Come on, you have to learn how to do this on your own. It'll be okay, you'll see!" It's usually our parents, but it can also be teachers or friends. It's one of the greatest gifts you can give someone.

I don't know much about dogs, but I do know that when cats do that nipping at the back of the neck, it's an assuring, affectionate gesture. I think it was Simon's way of saying, "You see! You did it! Keep going!" Both of those dogs just made my heart melt today.

Have you ever seen your pets teach each other anything?


Joe Soto

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