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Steve Harvey

STRAWBERRY LETTER - How to tell the real men from the fake

STRAWBERRY LETTER - How to tell the real men from the fake

I’m a single mother of two wonderful boys. I’ve been divorced from their father for eleven years. Since then I’ve been in and out of a lot of bad relationships. But my problem now is that we moved into my sister and bro in laws home a year ago. And yes they are very successful self made millionaires. Through trial and error I’ve found that men I’ve dated only see the money. They come to my home to pick me up for a date and it’s like they see money! It’s my sisters money not mine. I’m just blessed to have such a giving and loving family. I’m at a dead end road when it comes to trying to weed out the real men from the fake. Trust me I’ve been fooled recently by a man that told me we were going to be together and he was a cheater. So what to do Steve? I turned 38 this month and I’m thinking about starting my cat collection! Lol please help me understand what to say or what to look for in a “keeper.” Much love and respect for you and yours.


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