By Gerri Detweiler Although most of us who check our credit reports are doing it to make sure credit bureaus are correctly reporting our debts and payment records, one reader named Denise says she's having trouble convincing a credit bureau she's alive. "Experian shows that I'm deceased because when I closed my Kohl's (KSS) charge card, the rep accidentally marked me 'deceased' instead of 'customer closed account.' After I got that straightened out, I sent a notarized letter with a copy of my birth certificate to Experian (EXPN) stating that I am alive and Kohl's made an error when I closed my account.This was months ago, and I am still marked deceased. What can or should I do?" Staffers at got in touch with Experian, and staffers there said they've been trying to reach Denise. In the meantime, Kristine Snyder, public relations manager for Experian Consumer Information Services, says one of the important questions to answer is whether Denise found out she had an error on her credit report from a lender or from pulling her own credit report. If a lender tells you there is a problem on your credit reports, you need get an updated personal copy of your report because that has instructions for filing a dispute -- including the right address to submit your dispute. You can get a copy for free every year.