Milwaukee Bucks Player Gets Tased By Police

Although this incident took place in January of this year, the video of NBA player Sterling Brown being tased by police was just released and this is yet another disrespectful and disgraceful act by police. 

Brown was approached by police in January after he double parked in a handicap parking spot while he ran into a local store.  After a confrontational conversation, he was then thrown to the ground and tased. Officers realized after the fact that the person they tased was Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown, and they apologized for the incident. 

Although the Milwaukee police chief admitted the officers "acted inappropriately," what is going to be done about the behavior of the officers? Will this be just another press conference to show that the officers will get a slap on the wrist? Or will police departments across the country begin to start really holding officers accountable for their actions?

It's saddens me that because Brown is an NBA player, he was treated somewhat differently after receiving an apology from the officers. What happens to the average black man who isn't a professional athlete?

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