Kanye Buys Infamous Bathroom Photo For Album Cover

Kanye West is always doing something to make people say "What in the world?" Well, he is at it again and this time he dropped 85 stacks on the infamous photo of Whitney Houston's bathroom, where there is apparently drug paraphernalia strewn all over the place. 

There has to be a reason why Kanye purchased this photo to be used as Pusha T's album cover. I could think of many pieces of art that he could have chosen, but he chose this particular bathroom scene for a specific reason. Is it because Kanye admitted that he was addicted to opioids and he wants to draw attention to the dangers of drug addiction? Is Kanye sending a message to the masses that drug addiction is real in America and is destroying lives? Maybe there is a correlation with the theme of the album and the photo? 

Until Kanye speaks on exactly why he chose this particular shot, it will remain a mystery. In the meantime, I hope somebody is paying attention to all of these signs that Kanye is pointing us to.



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