"Crazy In Love" Is Top Song of the Century So Far

Man I am a Beyonce' and Jay Z fan all day long but the fact that Rolling Stone named "Crazy In Love" as number one out of the 100 Greatest Songs of the Century So Far has me a little puzzled. There are so many great songs from so many different genres of music from pop to country to R&B that have been made in the 2000s, that I'm wondering what was the real criteria behind this choice.

Again, I love love love the song, and you can tell by my reaction every time it gets played on V103, but I'm just trying to see how or why this particular record was given top billing. But be that as it may, you already know how I feel about the royal couple and I don't want the Bey-hive to come for me, so I'm going to go ahead and just accept this song as being the best ... so far. 



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