Social Media Is Being Used to Find Organ Donors

We use social media every day, whether it's to post a new outfit, photos of the family, or to show off a thrill-seeking adventure, millions of people use social media to connect with the world. And what better tool to use when trying to find someone who has an organ you need. It may sound a bit strange, but people are actually using social media to seek organ donors. 

According to the Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network, most people in the country need a kidney transplant. In Chicago alone, about 3,165 people are on the waiting list for a kidney.  The liver, heart, and lung are next in line as organs needed by thousands of Americans.

For years I have been an organ donor and if you are interested in organ donation, make sure you register as an organ donor at Imagine all of the lives that can be saved when we donate.  

Organ Donation

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