Tyler Perry And Oprah Say Don't Believe The Scams

It's hard to believe that people actually thought Tyler Perry and Oprah were giving away money and prizes like cars and houses to people who shared their messages on the Internet. When I first saw one of the videos on Facebook several days ago, I immediately knew that it was a scam. I'm surprised it took so long for Tyler Perry to make a statement that these videos and the messages were actually scams. 

Although Tyler and Ms. O are very wealthy and definitely have the ability to give, and have given to so many causes over the years, the pair has publicly stated that they are indeed being scammed and that there is a team in place trying hard each day to track down and stop the nonsense.

So please remember that everything you see and hear on social media is not always real or true. There are a million and one scams going on to target naive, innocent people and I want you to be aware and NEVER give your personal information to anyone or anything that seems too good to be true. 



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