Tom Cruises Does Incredible Stunts In 'Mission'

It's not his first movie where he does his own stunts, but man the stunts in the movie 'Mission: Impossible-Fallout" are insane! Yes, that really is Tom Cruise.

The Oscar award-winning actor deserves an Oscar just off the fact that he does his own stunts in his movies ... who does that? But what's interesting is that the stunts in this flick are very dangerous, and Cruise has received some injuries as a result.  

Not only is he riding at high speeds on a motorcycle, but he also falls out of a helicopter, jumps between high-rise buildings and so much more. This movie promises to have you biting your nails knowing that that is actually Tom Cruise and he is stuntin' on all of us! 

"Mission: Impossible-Fallout" is in theaters today. 

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