Chicagoland Police Departments Find Time To Battle

Although it is a fun activity, and totally breaks up a stressful workday, I'm just wondering where these police departments are finding the time to film these lip sync challenges? It takes time to come up with the choreography and all, and filming can take a while if you have to keep stopping to repeat a scene. 

Many of us have seen these police department challenges on social media for a while now, and they are getting more and more elaborate, many of them lasting more than five minutes. Don't get me wrong, I think they are awesome and a great way for the public to see that all police officers are not mean, and they have personality and a fun side too. However, there is a concern as to when these videos are being shot. Of course they wouldn't be shooting parts of these videos during their shifts, would they?

Well here is yet another lip sync challenge, this time presented by north suburban Skokie's police department.



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