‘It’s turning into a normal thing’: Family mourns dad killed this weekend


It's sad to have to print this, but as the young lady says in the attached video, 'It's turning into a normal thing.' That is actually a pretty accurate statement. We all know that there are too many punks and cowards on the streets of Chicago but sadly too many of them are also in possession of too many firearms that are wounding and even killing far too many innocent people. A father of four who was celebrating a new job was among 12 people killed in a violent Chicago weekend. Kenyate Sparks, 29, was with him near Springfield Avenue and Grenshaw Street when he was fatally shot in his neck about 3:30 a.m. Sunday. "It’s a nightmare," said fiancee Sakeem Bryd, who witnessed the shooting. "It’s an image that I don’t think will ever leave my head."


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