14-Year-Old Rapper Wins The Heart of 'AGT' Judges

She never got a chance to meet her father because he was shot and killed while her mother was pregnant with her. But 14-year-old rapping sensation Flau'jae is on mission to make sure her father's legacy lives on. Her father, rapper Camoflauge from Savannah Georgia, was a victim of gun violence in 2003 -- just days before he was supposed to sign a contract with a major record label.  

On 'America's Got Talent' Tuesday, Flau'jae rapped an original song that she wrote, giving an emotional testimony about her life and all that she's been through in her 14 years. The judges were moved too, so much that she earned a Golden Buzzer, which advances her straight through to the next round of performances.

Gun violence is such a crisis in America and because of it, this precious kid never had a chance to meet her father, but trust and believe she is determined to keep his spirit alive. 



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