Offset Gets Upset At Cardi B's Reveal At The VMAs

Cardi B was adorable with her new look in what was the biggest public appearance she's made since giving birth to her newborn baby. The rapper opened the MTV Video Music Awards and revealed something very dear to her. No, it wasn't her daughter she shares with Migos member Offset, it was an MTV Moon Man award. 

The problem is Cardi didn't tell her husband Offset that she was going to prank the audience to make them believe their baby Kulture was swaddled in her arms, so his reaction was not a very happy one when the camera showed him and Migos group member Quavo in the audience. But once Cardi B revealed to the audience that it was an MTV trophy wrapped in the blankets, Offset obviously was relieved. 

Cardi B is always so funny and bubbly and up to something, but I still don't know how her husband wouldn't be in on the joke. They did see each other before the awards show, or did they?



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