Burberry Won't Destroy Unsold Products or Use Fur


Luxury retailer Burberry has decided that it will no longer destroy unsold merchandise and the company will also stop using real fur in its apparel and accessories. I am so happy to hear this news because I thought it was a total waste to destroy the beautiful items that were so meticulously made. We just don't destroy luxury like that. 

In addition to not destroying its goods, the retailer will also stop using real fur. I have to admit I have fur and leather in my closet, but I also understand the petition of those who are against killing animals -- especially just for the sake of fashion. Burberry will now stop using fur, starting later this month when the catwalk at London's Fashion Week will be totally without fur of any kind. 

Burberry destroyed almost 30 million pounds of luxury items and beauty products last year to prevent the merchandise from being sold cheaply. As a fashion follower, I'd rather see those handbags and apparel on sale at various retail stores than in a garbage disposal any day. I get it, they are trying to protect the brand's image but that just seems so wasteful -- and painful to all the girls who love to shop. 

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