Funkywunks Entertain During Flight Delay in Dallas

A dance crew called the Funkywunks took an opportunity to display their dance skills in front of a captive audience recently following a 6-hour flight delay in Dallas. Most passengers were cranky and tired and wanted to get on their flights, but because of the delay the group decided they could brighten up the place with some of their energetic dance moves. Mission accomplished. Passengers from all areas of the airport followed their ears to the music where the group performed in a waiting area of the airport. 

But this isn't just an ordinary group of good dancers, in fact they are great. You can check out the Funkywunks on NBC's "World of Dance" where they are judged by J-Lo, Ne-Yo and Derek Hough. 

I just wish we could have this type of entertainment and fun every time there is a long flight delay because believe me passing by the time would really make a difference in attitudes. So the next time you see someone frustrated or you can make a difference in a person's life, do so with a wave, a smile or just a simple word or two of encouragement -- the opportunity is always there. 



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