Third Remake of "A Star Is Born" Due October 5

You know a movie must be good when it keeps getting remade over and over again. That is the case with the classic film "A Star Is Born." The movie first debuted in 1937 and was remade into a musical in 1954, then in 1976 it was a rock musical, and now the 2018 version stars Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper who makes his directorial debut with the film. 

The story is about a musician with a drinking problem who discovers and falls in love with a younger singer, and it takes you on the journey of their blossoming relationship and how their music worlds come together. 

Beyonce' was tapped to play the role of Ally, the unknown singer-songwriter in the film, but I guess she started having babies and wanted to tour some more so GaGa was eventually picked for the role. The film features Dave Chappelle as Noodles, a retired musician and friend of Jackson Maine, the character played by Cooper. 

Bradley Cooper was recently in Chicago talking about the film which is in theaters Oct. 5. 

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