Mariah Carey Releases New Break Up Anthem "GTFO"

Heeeeey Mariah! 

Mariah Carey is back and she is coming with it with her new single "GTFO." I'm sure we know what that abbreviation stands for, so no need to explain all of that but Ms. Mariah wants to put it out there that she is not about the mess and she will excuse you if you try to come with it. 

Over the years we have heard about some of the relationships issues Mariah has gone through with her ex Nick Cannon and her multi-gazillionaire fiance' whatever-his-name is, but be clear the diva is not playing any more games with any of you boys.

The video is steamy, sexy and gets straight to the point.  I guess she's letting the fellas know if you can't get it together with her, then step on. 

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