Google Celebrates Its 20th Birthday


It's hard to believe that it has been 20 years since a couple of Ph.D. students at Stanford launched what is now known to be the biggest search engine on the planet. At some point we have all searched something on Google, whether it was a recipe, a how-to video or directions to somewhere we've never been before. 

To me Google is life! I kid you not, I must search Google at least 16 times a day. I think it is the most thorough search engine and it is my go-to when I want to find out anything about everything. Remember when we had to read books or search an encyclopedia to find out information? Wow, just the thought of that is crazy! Happy birthday Google, and thanks for the awesome Google doodles, they are so genius and I learn a lot from those too! 

Okay, time for me to search where I'm going to dinner tonight. 


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