Kanye West Performs on 'Saturday Night Live'

When will people learn that Kanye West is going to continue to be Kanye West? This past weekend he performed on 'SNL' and not only was his performance a bit different (he performed in a water bottle costume) but at the end of the show he went into one of his rants. 

I don't have a problem with Kanye because everyone is entitled to be the way that God made them. We can have a difference of opinion but that doesn't make anyone wrong. We may not like what a person is saying but we have the right to speak their mind and voice how they feel about something. We can choose to ignore them and not deal with them but that person is still entitled to his or her opinion. 

Apparently after the cameras were rolling following 'SNL' Kanye was captured on video talking about politics and giving voice once again to how he really feels about issues in our society. I'm not sure what to expect from Kanye on any given day, but I certainly hope he understands he has a platform that can transform a person's thought process and actions. I just hope he realizes the influence he actually has and he can begin to channel it in a way that may be tolerant so people aren't so turned off and will actually listen to what he has to say. 



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