"Shallow" From The Soundtrack of 'A Star Is Born'

We all know that Lady Gaga is a major pop star, and multi-talented when it comes to all things music. Not only does she sing and play instruments, but she also writes and produces music too. Her role in the classic remake of "A Star Is Born" is that of a singer and actress trying to find fame and she delivers when it comes to the singing. 

I'm sure we've all heard Lady Gaga sing before, but in this role she gives it her all, she is singing with such a deep passion that you actually forget she is a major pop star. And her acting is on point too, which makes her role all the more believable. 

Actor Bradley Cooper who plays Gaga's love interest spent months learning how to play guitar and sing, and his vocals are pretty good. He doesn't claim to be a singer but you couldn't tell by hearing him sing in the movie.

"A Star Is Born" has been remade a few times now but this 2018 version of the iconic film is sure to please. The music is really good and you can get a feel of the actor's vocal range with the featured song from the soundtrack, "Shallow."



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