The World's Most Expensive Shoes Cost $17 Million

Fam! Please tell me these shoes are not $17 million. That is just too much for this basic looking pump. Okay, so I get the fact that they are made of gold, diamonds, silk and leather, but there is nothing that significant about these babies. They actually look like a pair of pumps I bought out of the clearance section of DSW last year, and I think I may have paid $24.99 for them.

No shade, but even if I had it like that where I could pay this much money on a pair of shoes I wouldn't. The shoes are currently displayed in Dubai where millionaires and billionaires throw down cash like it's nothing so that is the appropriate place to display them. They're actually pretty because the diamonds add so much to them but again I'm not that impressed, as a matter of fact I could buy a whole chain of shoe stores for that amount of money and still have some change left over!

I'd like to meet the person who actually buys these shoes and I also wonder where is the first place they would be worn. I'm sure Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson and some of the other trendy shoe designers are already producing their version of it.



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