Cardi B Is On Top -- I Just Hope She Stays There

Most people love Cardi B, I know I do. She is just really high energy, charismatic and she keeps it 100 at all times. But she may keep it a little too 100! Recently Cardi not only nearly got into a fight with Nicki Minaj at a swanky industry event, but she was also charged with a couple of misdemeanors for reckless endangerment and assault for an incident that happened in New York in August. 

I think Cardi may also put a little too much of her personal business with her husband Offset on social media. But again even though she is a major celeb, Cardi is keeping it really real. I'm happy for Cardi B and for how her career has just catapulted to a different atmosphere. She worked hard and has put in work to get to the top. I know most celebrities usually get "15 minutes of fame," but I'm hoping Cardi's time will last a little longer because she is truly an example of a success story and if she turns that thing around on some positive stuff, imagine the impact she could REALLY have on all of the young women and girls who look up to her. 



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