'Saturday Night Live' Spoofs Kanye's D.C. Visit

Kanye West has been the focus of attention in the news for the past several weeks now and he really had our attention last week when he visited the White House to have a candid conversation with President Trump.

Most saw it as a senseless rant, others saw the visit as a waste of time and some said "Kanye has lost it." I'm indifferent to his actions because while I understand Kanye and the way he thinks, I cannot say I agree with everything he says. But he has the right to express his opinion, his thoughts and how he feels about things -- I think it's the way he does things that makes people raise an eyebrow.

At the end of the day at least Ye was face to face with one of the most powerful men in the world, however the discussion really would be in vain if there is no follow up or action to all of that dialogue. 

I still rock with Ye, he is a rap genius and a creative soul that may have too much creativity for the average person to handle. But be that as it may, at least he put Chicago on a world stage and now people are more aware of what our city needs in order to flourish. 



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