Chicago's Mavis Staples Performs on 'Tonight Show'

Irish singer and songwriter Hozier features Mavis Staples on a new single "Nina Cried Power." You may recall Hozier from his 2013 hit "Take Me To Church," and on this song that's exactly what they're doing -- taking us to a level of spirituality. 

The song pays tribute to important figures in America and is considered an "activist anthem." It models songs from the greats like James Brown, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, all who have had similar songs that were considered protest music, music that encouraged change. 

The 79-year-old Staples brings a gospel element to the song, with her strong vocals piercing not only our ears in a good way, but also piercing our heart strings and drawing us in to the message. 

"Nina Cried Power" is from Hozier's new album of the same name. 



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