Mario Talks New Album "Dancing Shadows," And Life

R&B singer Mario stopped by the #BFX to talk about his new album "Dancing Shadows," and the latest single "Drowning." He also touches on his love life, personal goals and much more. The singer also talked about his recurring role on FOX-TV's Empire where he plays an up-and-coming R&B artist who supports his ailing sister. He says that he loves the role and he is excited to be a part of the cast.

Mario also revealed his plans to design museums. Although he wouldn't say exactly what that would entail, he did mention that it is something he always wanted to do and it involves something that we are all associated with every day. And ladies right now Mario is single, concentrating on his music and his family and working on different projects like a new live production that will be hitting TV real soon. 

His latest album "Dancing Shadows" is an album about substance, he said. He wrote a song that was inspired by the shooting death of a rapper from his hometown in Baltimore. Mario first hit the music scene in 2002 and he is still moving forward, making hits and fulfilling his dreams. 



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