The Reason Why Those Red Bottoms Are So Expensive

Would you drop a stack on a pair of shoes? What if they have a red sole? Christian Louboutin shoes are back since Cardi B revised the popularity of the red bottom shoes with her song "Bodak Yellow," and now women all over the globe are rocking the shoes again. I say again because "Lous" really took off over a decade ago. Yup, I had a couple pairs, one I sold for a fraction of a fraction of what I paid for, and the other pair I donated to a women's group. 

I'm going to keep it real. While Louboutin's are a very, very pretty shoe, they are not comfortable at all. But there is something about that red bottom that gets us all excited and it's also a status thing to rock them because they cost so much money -- way too much. If they were more comfortable I wouldn't be tripping but it seems as though they are unusually uncomfortable and I just can't walk around in pain trying to be cute!

Check out the video to find out why the popular shoe is so expensive. I still have a pair of Christian Louboutin boots but I need to find them, I'm sure they're somewhere in that shoe closet that probably needs to be cleaned out again soon. 



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