Kirk Jay From 'The Voice' Gives Us A 'Lil Country


Even though music is universal and people from all across the globe can understand it although we speak different languages, it is rare to see a black man singing country. But singer Kirk Jay from NBC's 'The Voice' nails it every time he gets on stage.

The singer says he grew up extremely poor in Alabama and there were times where there was no electricity in the house. But hopefully all that will change for him now that he has advanced to the live shows on 'The Voice.' 

Jay is being coached by country superstar Blake Shelton, who says that Kirk Jay is "one of his favorite artists ever." Well I guess if you're on team Blake and getting some nuggets of knowledge from the heavy hitter and you have a great sound, then I'm sure big things are forthcoming for Kirk Jay's career. 

I am intrigued by his style and sound and can't wait for his album to drop. 


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