Can The Chicago Bears Make It To The Big Game?

The Chicago Bears are sitting pretty in that top spot of the NFC North beating one of their rivals, the Minnesota Vikings 25-20 during a prime time Sunday Night Football game. I was so happy that the boys walked away with another win, because that surely builds the confidence level. 

Some are saying they have an easy schedule, others think the boys are playing kind of sloppy and are "lucking out" on their wins, but I say a win is a win, and it is good to see that the Bears are knocking these games down. They still have quite a few to go, but I'm pretty sure that we are going to get some more marks in the W column and ultimately head to the playoffs. Yup, that's right - the playoffs! But realistically I'm going to take it game by game after that before I can say that they will be headed to Atlanta. 

Go Bears. 



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