Vegan Recipes For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Being a vegan is really not that hard at all because there are options and substitutes for just about any food. Vegan food is tasty and delicious and you should at least try a vegan meal! I have a lot of friends who are vegan and when we go out to eat I usually join them in eating a full vegan meal and truthfully I don't see any difference. 

Some of my favorites vegan dishes include the bean burger, cheese-less pizza and all of the yummy desserts that don't include dairy products. I'm telling you, you can't even tell the difference. A vegan diet does not only promote a healthy body physically, but it also heals you mentally and emotionally. You'll instantly feel a difference when you eat vegan meals and pretty soon you'll forget you ever ate meat and dairy products to begin with.  

So this Thanksgiving, start with making at lease one of your dishes vegan. Check the video for some great recipes. 

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