'The Lion King' Teaser Gets Over 200 Million Views

I could possibly be the only person on earth who has never seen the movie "The Lion King," but that's okay because I never was really into animated movies. I mean, I could just watch cartoons on Saturday morning right? But anyway I respect the fact that 'Lion King' is one of the highest grossing movies in history making about $8.1 billion worldwide. Yes, you read that right. 

Apparently the world loves 'The Lion King' because now there will be a remake of the movie, scheduled to hit theaters in July of 2019. Beyonce' and Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) will lend their voices to characters in the movie. The release date will mark the 25th anniversary of the animated film's debut in 1994.

Oh and here's another indication that the remake to 'The Lion King' is sure to be another box office smash ... the teaser trailer received about 225 million views in just one day! Geez, I guess I may have to take a look at the original movie and get caught up to speed by July. 

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