Um, No Jacquees ...The King of R&B Is From Chicago

R&B singer Jacquees took to social media to say that he is "The King of R&B for his generation." Okay hold up, I could agree that he is one of the most poppin' R&B singers right now, but I definitely cannot give him "King of R&B." Boy stop. 

But I can't front, Jacquees' voice is all that and he has some hits. He remixed Ella Mai's "Trip" and girls were losing their minds. This cat is definitely doing his thing but let me first say you need a catalog of songs and some history in the industry before you can claim that you're the king of anything. 

So let this be a lesson to any artist who feels as though just because they are hot on the charts, in heavy rotation on radio stations and getting invites to perform at concerts, doesn't make you anything except a hard-working, hustling and hungry artist who is trying to get to where the real Kings and Queens are. 

You have to pay your dues, put in that grind and work at achieving goals before you can claim you're knocking them down. Shout out to the real King of R&B, one of Chicago's own. No need to mention his name because you already know who he is. 



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