You Think The Chicago Bears Are Headed To Atlanta?

Anything is possible! 

And I believe that the Chicago Bears are well on their way to the playoffs, and then to the Big Game in February. Although they could have won a couple more games this season, they are in a good place - still number 1 in the NFC North, and they are playing well. 

I think the confidence of the team has increased, especially after winning to one of the best teams in the league -- the L.A. Rams -- who met up with the Bears Sunday night with an 11-1 record. 

The Bears are now at 9-4 and I am confident that they will finish the regular season strong and clinch that playoff spot. Next up, those annoying Green Bay Packers, but I'm not worried about them, we'll get them at home on Sunday. 

I'm throwing up my 'Cs' for the Chicago Bears and will be cheering them on all the way!



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