Apple Passes on Chicago, Builds Campus in Austin

I love Chicago, I love just about everything about this city except for some obvious issues that we are unfortunately faced with, but I'm not sure why these major companies like Amazon and Apple are passing on this city and building campuses elsewhere. Apple recently said no to Chicago and will be building a $1 billion campus in Austin, Texas. 

I really wish I could be a part of the city's planning process or on the team of people who are in charge of promoting Chicago as the perfect place to have a tech company build their headquarters or campus here. This city is awesome. Beautiful skyline, diverse neighborhoods, economic growth (could do better on the west and south sides though) and it is filled with wonderful people.

I will always consider Chicago to be a world-class city that can handle any and everything. Oh yes we have our problems as does any city, at the end of the day Chicago is where it's at - now, if only some of these companies would think so. 


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