Who Believes Offset's On Stage Apology To Cardi?

Let me start by saying I am a Cardi B fan. Although she may be a bit too vulgar and puts a little too much of her personal desires on social media, the girl's music is good, and she seems to be a sweetheart and has charisma that can attract anyone. Let me also say that I rocks with the Migos. They, too have good music and although I don't know any of them personally, they seem like some grounded guys who are just out to have fun and enjoy their success.

But this whole thing of Cardi and Offset breaking up after a year of marriage and the going back and forth on social media about their personal affairs is really beginning to take on a reality show feel. I was with it at first. Recently Cardi publicly announced her separation from her hubby via social media, accusing him of cheating one too many times. And then over the weekend at the Rolling Loud concert in L.A. Offset appeared on stage to apology to Cardi. 

Are you believing this? Really? Where was security? Why would they just let dude walk right on stage in the middle of her show? And where did all of those production props come from? Obviously this was staged, but I don't know about you but if I was done with someone they would not have such easy access to me. 

It's cute and all, the romantic apology, the plea to take him back but it is so over the top it really and truly seems like somewhat of another celebrity publicity stunt. Cardi is riding high right now and she has no reason to need the extra attention, (same with Offset) but hey the spotlight can never shine too bright on a star I guess. 

Oh well, I'll just sit back and watch all this play out just like the next fan but I'll be watching side-eyed. 



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