I Call This "Not Nicing" The Kicker, Eagles!

Sooooo, the Chicago Bears lost to the Philadelphia Eagles after a field goal kick was missed by Bears kicker Cody Parkey. I feel sorry for dude because that is a tremendous amout of pressure on one person at a given time. 

Think about it. He was the reason for the Bears losing in the playoffs and not advancing to the Big Game. Imagine if that was you and you let the whole team down - in front of a stage of millions watching and criticizing. 

I really hope Cody is okay, because mentally that can shake him for days, weeks and even months to come. Yeah we've all made comments about it, some had jokes and all but at the end of the day you never know what a person is really feeling inside or what affect his actions can have on his mental stability. The alleged threats on his life and harsh comments are not necessary because we're talking sports here.

Parkey owned up to the mistake and hopefully he will be able to move on in a few weeks or so because that is surely not something he will be able to just brush off by tomorrow. Can't wait until next season. 

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