Top 5 Most Expensive Mansions in Chicago

I've always loved driving around different neighborhoods looking at all of the beautiful homes in Chicago. Actually, I have had an obsession with real estate since I was a teenager. I wonder why I didn't become an interior designer or real estate agent because I would probably be pretty good at it. 

I especially like mansions because I have always thought I'd live in one but that's not the case so I still enjoy admiring other people's homes. There are so many interesting houses in Chicagoland, but only a handful are considered the most expensive. 

I don't even want to know what the price tag is on some of these houses, but I often wonder what the people do for a living who live in them. How can one person afford all of that house and the amenities that come with it? Must be nice. Well, I may not have one but a girl can dream can't she?



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